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07/03/2013  Hammer Lab contributes to largest survey of great ape genome diversity; published in Nature - UA News

05/07/2013  UAGC helps solve mysteries of human condition using genetic tools - Scientific American

05/03/2013  Hammer Lab collaborates on discovery of genetic mutations for seizure disorders - Epilepsia, 05/06/2013 UA News, 05/16/2013 AZ Daily Star,  06/03/2013 AZ Daily Wildcat

04/16/2013  Barnes guest column on UA role in $100 million federal BRAIN research initiative - AZ Daily Star

03/13/2013  Hammer Lab adds to DNA information on origin of human species - New Scientist

03/01/2013  Hammer & Mendez help discover oldest branch of human Y chromosome – UA News, 03/08/2013 Live Science/Discovery News

02/24/2013  Vercelli discusses how “DNA is not your destiny” – AZ Daily Star

01/28/2013  PERT postdoc Lapoint works with Whiteman to study vegetarian flies - UA News

12/14/2013  EMBI co-sponsors Annual Conference on Successful Aging - UA News

11/14/2012  Barnes lab has multiple contributors to study on age-related behavioral slowing - Journal of Neuroscience

11/11/2012  Edwards receives tortoise conservation award - UA Research & Discovery features web page

02/23/2012  Veeramah & Hammer help identify unknown genetic cause of epilepsy - UA News

02/13/2012  Barnes makes presentation on adaptation of aging brains as part of lecture series - Arizona Daily Star