The University of Arizona

Family and Medical Leave – Arizona Research Laboratories Process


Below are excerpts from the UA Human Resources web page on Family and Medical Leave, which also includes links to forms, FAQ's, etc. Please note that the ARL procedure below includes ARL-specific steps which are different from those on the UA HR page.

Family Medical Leave (FML) is a leave intended to allow an eligible employee up to twelve protected work weeks off work for qualifying family and medical events.


  • Employee has twelve or more months of cumulative service with the University.
  • Employee has worked at least 1,250 regular hours in the twelve months prior to the start of this leave.
  • Employee (or qualified family member) has a serious health condition or covered military situation or birth/care of newborn child or placement of child for adoption/foster care.
  • Employee has remaining balance of available FML in the current FML year (FML Year is a period of twelve months measured backward from the date of the first requested leave).


Procedure – ARL

  • FML-eligible employee contacts supervisor to request time off for one of the following possible FML-qualifying reason affecting employee or employee’s spouse, parent, child:
    • Incapacity of more than 3 days with treatment by health care provider
    • Hospital in-patient (overnight)
    • Pregnancy/pre-natal care
    • Birth or adoption event
    • Chronic/long-term/multiple treatment conditions
    • Military situations (call-up prep, caregiving)
  • Supervisor and/or employee consults with ARL Business Office if questions about whether to submit FML request.
  • Employee submits FML Request Form to supervisor as soon as possible, addressing the form to both the supervisor and ARL Business Office. Supervisor initials form (above name) to indicate awareness of request and forwards to ARL Business Office for formal review.
  • ARL Business Office reviews request form to determine eligibility and prepares response form. ARL Business Office sends approval info packet to employee, supervisor, and UA Human Resources--typically within two business days of the determination.
  • Employee (or supervisor, if employee unavailable) completes time record with applicable FML codes.
  • If applicable, employee provides requested medical certification within fifteen calendar days of request from ARL Business Office.
  • Process is repeated for each FML extension.


Paid Time and Benefits

  • Employee draws from available sick time (mandatory) or vacation time (optional); otherwise FML time off is unpaid.
  • As long as the employee is on paid status (e.g., FML sick time, FML vacation time), benefit deductions will be taken from the employee’s paycheck.
  • Upon non-pay status, the employee may continue health benefits through the end of the FML leave by paying only the employee cost of any such benefits.
  • Following the unpaid leave start date, the employee will receive a packet in the mail from the UA Human Resources Leave Management team which includes:
    • A form to waive, change or continue the existing benefits;
    • A bill with the itemized employee benefit cost and payment schedule;
    • Other helpful information