The University of Arizona

Termination Process Guidelines -- Arizona Research Laboratories


If you are resigning your position, you should do an official resignation notice (letter, memo, or email is acceptable). You typically would address it to your supervisor and include the following:

  • Effective Date
  • Reason
  • Forwarding Address (if applicable, for any future ARL/university communication)

Please arrange with your supervisor to forward the notice (or a copy) to the ARL Business Office at least 2 days before your effective date to allow for preparation of a termination form.

Prior to your termination date, you should also do the following.

  • Complete your final time record at least 2 days before your effective date. This will help ensure your final paycheck is accurate and any unused vacation is paid in a timely manner.
  • Update your address in UAccess Employee > Self Service > Personal Information. Any official university communications will be sent to the address that is entered here. (Note: if your address changes after termination, you may again update your address in UAccess during the year following your termination.)
  • Plan for the timing of your final paycheck. If your termination is voluntary (resignation, retirement, visa ends, etc.), it would typically be paid on the next normal payday and sent to your direct deposit account, if still active. If your termination is involuntary (job end, layoff, discharge, etc.), it would typically be issued within five work days as a printed check and mailed to your address listed in UAccess Employee. (Note that if your involuntary termination is on the last regular work day of a pay period, your final check may be issued on the next normal payday to direct deposit.)
  • Check on your electronic W-2 consent status in UAccess Employee > Self Service > Payroll and Compensation. If you have not yet signed up to receive your W-2 wage and tax statement electronically and wish to do so, you may make this change here.
  • Arrange for the return of any university property (keys, computer, cell phones, equipment, P-Card, etc.) through appropriate personnel.
  • Coordinate with your supervisor about the transition of your phone number/voice mail (e.g., provide password for access to voice mail).

If you are a benefits-eligible and/or retirement-eligible employee, you should also do the following.

  • Check your final vacation hours balance (at the bottom of your time record). You will be paid for any unused vacation up to the current number of hours earned in one year. This usually is paid on the paycheck following your final work paycheck.
  • Plan for your insurance benefits transition. Your insurance benefits end the last day (Sunday) of the pay period in which your employment ends. COBRA insurance continuation information is on the UA HR web page or the ADOA web page. Within a couple of weeks, you should receive a COBRA information packet and have 60 days to decide whether to enroll, though you may be able to access the enrollment form online and submit it prior to receiving the mailed packet.
  • Check on your retirement plan options. If not retiring, refer to the applicable ASRS fact sheet or ORP web page for options on retirement contributions.

Let the ARL Business Office (621-4064) know if you have any questions.